Children, staff, caregivers, members of the community at times may wish to raise a concern or complaint about a school activity, another person, an organisation or an event.


  • To ensure there is a clear process for dealing with concerns and complaints.
  • To provide a process for listening to and working towards a resolution of concerns and complaints.
  • To ensure any staff member involved in a complaint has every opportunity to make submissions.


  • Macleans Primary has an open door policy to ensure children, staff and caregivers, members of the community are allowed to express a concern or make a complaint and are free to do this.
  • In the first instance concerns/complaints will be dealt with through discussion and explanation and where possible should be made to the person most effectively in a position to resolve them e.g. class teacher, Team Leader, or staff rep for staff complaints.
  • Complaints of a serious nature or which have not been dealt with satisfactorily should be addressed with the Principal.
  • All concerns/complaints raised with any staff member or the principal will be treated in the strictest confidence. In the case of an employee the investigation will be kept confidential to the parties concerned.
  • In the case of a complaint or concern that could proceed further, the principal/BOT will seek legal advice and inform the insurer.
  • In issues of staff competence, the principal may initiate competence procedures or for staff discipline, the BOT may at any time initiate disciplinary procedures in accordance with relevant provisions of the agreement applicable to the employee.
  • Where a complainant does not feel that their concern/complaint has been dealt with satisfactorily, they may forward their concern/complaint to the Board in writing.
  • Complaints to the Board must be received in writing.
  • All parties to a complaint may bring a support person to any meeting where the issue is to be discussed.
  • Complaints will be dealt with as quickly as practicable
  • Staff members will be expected to keep a record of concern/complaints and resolutions reached for serious matters or where reoccurrence of the concern/complaint could occur.
  • As a caregiver a Board member may submit a complaint but will not take part in the investigation process. This also applies if a Board member has a personal interest. 


Complaints Policy