Macleans Primary Emergency Planning


Macleans Primary School ensures we have site specific emergency plans and crisis management in place. We undergo professional training and support to ensure lockdowns, evacuations and emergency and crisis situations are in place. In the unlikely event that an emergency situation happens, Macleans Primary is well prepared to manage the safety of all children and adults in the school.  

Macleans Primary works with a reputable and professional emergency planning organisation that:

  • Assesses our current emergency planning
  • Reviews emergency risks faced by our school
  • Tailors evacuation and lock down procedures
  • Develops customised emergency plans
  • Provides emergency training for the Senior Management Team, staff and children
  • Conducts school-wide emergency exercises
  • Provides information to support emergency service response to incidences
  • Is able 24/7 to support Macleans Primary in any emergency crisis

An annual audit of the Maclean’s Primary emergency plans are conducted to ensure we are up to date with the latest information available, including refresher training exercises and updates of our current emergency plans.

In the unlikely event that Macleans Primary goes into lockdown or needs to evacuate, plans will be activated. Where practical and applicable, we will inform the community in the first instance of any lockdown or evacuation. We will also inform the community of any practice exercises.