Summer Uniform

Summer Uniform

The summer uniform must be worn from Labour weekend through to Easter weekend of the following year.

The summer uniform may be worn all year round.


  • Monogrammed gold knit polo shirt with collar
  • Monogrammed blue shorts
  • Monogrammed royal blue polar-fleece sweatshirt.
  • White or navy ankle socks
  • Black shoes or sandals.
  • Regulation royal blue bucket style sunhat 


  • Monogrammed short sleeved dress in the blue check fabric.
  • Monogrammed royal blue polar-fleece sweatshirt
  • Monogrammed gold knit polo shirt with collar
  • Navy blue culottes (can be worn all year)
  • White or navy ankle socks.
  • Black shoes or sandals.
  • Regulation royal blue bucket style sunhat.


Winter Uniform

Winter Option

The winter uniform may be worn from Easter until labour weekend.

  • Monogrammed gold knit long-sleeved polo shirt
  • Monogrammed royal blue polar-fleece sweatshirt.
  • Black leather shoes, not sandals, are to be worn with the winter option


  • Monogrammed blue cotton trousers


  • Unisex trousers
  • Tartan skirt.
  • Navy blue cullotes
  • Navy blue tights or white or navy ankle socks to be worn with skirt


PE Uniform

Phys Ed Uniform

(Year 4 to 6 only)

Macleans Primary printed shirt and blue shorts. 


Uniform Presentation

  • Uniform shirts may be worn out. They should be tucked in when wearing a sweatshirt so as not to show beneath the sweatshirt.
  • PE shirts are worn loose 
  • Undergarments should not show at the neckline
  • Bootlegs, three-quarter pants or leg-warmers are not to be worn under the tunic or skirt. 
  • Sweatshirts/jackets should not be tied around the waist
  • Long hair be fastened back with a simple hair tie and/or clips in black, white or navy.   
  • Hair is not to be colour enhanced
  • Girls wearing shorts under their tunics, are to wear PE shorts or similar
  • Shoes are to be kept clean and to be worn to and from school
  • Socks and tights are not to be worn together. Leg warmers are not part of the uniform.

There is to be:

  • No jewellery - apart from watches or plain ear studs
  • No nail polish
  • No adhesive tattoos
  • No open backed footwear.

All uniform items are available from:

John Russell Menswear

9 Moore St, Howick.Tel: 09 5349373

  • Short and long-sleeved polo shirts and the regulation sunhat are available from The Warehouse, Pakuranga.
  • Polo shirts - short sleeved (style 717200 - Gold), long-sleeved - (style 717203 - Gold).
  • Regulation Sunhat (style 6691 - Royal)

Second hand uniform sales are available from the school office.

Read the Uniform Information Pamphlet