Chinese Translation - Policy and Student Information

Enrolment Policy & Guidelines:

  • Application and Enrolments
  • Permits
  • Fees
  • Refunds
  • Termination of Tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Attendance
  • Welfare and Pastoral Care
  • Complaints
  • Code of Practise
  • Compliance and Review
  • Immigration
  • Tuition Costs
  • Course Content
  • Medical & Travel insurance

International students, in New Zealand on Visitors Permits, will be considered for enrolment at the school on a fee paying basis.

Applications & Enrolments:
Parents/Legal Guardians should make an enquiry as to the availability of a place for an international student.

Recruitment agents seeking to enroll an international student will be required to sign and adhere to the school's Recruitment Agent Agreement, subject to a satisfactory reference check.

Applicants will be provided with a copy of this Policy, supporting documentation and our School Prospectus.

Application should be made to the Principal, who has delegated authority to accept enrolments subject to the availability of space. Applicants will be required to provide evidence verifying their date of birth and residency status of the student.

Each application will be considered on its merits dependent upon the school's capacity to meet the needs of the applicant.

Priority will be given to students who intend to study for a full school year or the balance of the current school year.

Should a space be available, parents/legal guardians will be required to complete a school enrolment form and pay fees for the period of enrolment within the current year.

A receipt and letter of provisional acceptance will be given to the parents/legal guardian.

A copy of this letter and receipt will be given to the parent/legal guardian to enable them to apply for a Student Permit.

"Legal Guardian" means the person:

(a) with the legal right and responsibility to provide for the care (including education and health) of an international student and appointed by a New Zealand or foreign court, or by testament;


(b) usually providing for the care of the student in the student's home country.)

An International Student must have a current Student Permit or Visa  which must be sighted by the Principal before a child may attend school.  The school will retain a photocopy of the title and permit pages of the student’s passport.

The school will need to sight the Visitors Permit for the parent with whom the child is living, to ensure it covers the period of enrolment.

If the immigration status of the child changes during the term, a parent or caregiver must advise the school of any such changes of that status by allowing the Principal to sight the passport.

New Zealand Immigration Service Guidelines will be followed if it is found that a student does not hold a valid Student Permit or Visa or tuition is terminated.

Fees for International Students will be set annually by the Board of Trustees. Fees are payable in advance for a minimum of one term.  Additional course costs will be paid by the parent/legal guardian as they arise.

Refunds will only be made in the following circumstances:

  • failure to obtain a Student Permit (full refund less Administration Fee of $200 will be paid)
  • change of residency status (a full refund of fees for subsequent terms)
  • withdrawal of enrolment prior to the student commencing attendance at school. A full refund less Administration Fee of $200 will be paid.
  • withdrawal of student after commencing school. A partial refund of 70% of fees for subsequent terms will be paid.  The 30% is retained to cover:
  • Administration charge;
  • costs to the school already incurred for tuition;
  • components of the fee already committed for the duration of the course including appropriate proportions of salaries of teachers and support staff;
  • costs already incurred for the use of facilities and resources;
  • Compassionate Refunds – In exceptional circumstances, refunds for
  • subsequent terms may be granted on compassionate grounds (e.g. death of close family member, serious illness, accident).
  • All such refunds will be at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees will make no refund:

  • When a student is required to leave the school for a breach of the rules and conditions of enrolment at the school or has broken a New Zealand law.  No refund will be made to a student who has breached the terms of their contract with the school
  • The Board of Trustees will not make a refund to a student who is expelled from the school or whose tuition is terminated by the school.  Refer Section 5.

An application for refund of fees must be made to the Principal.

Any dispute about the payment of a refund must be made in writing to the Board of Trustees.

Fee Protection
The school’s financial reserves will be maintained at a level to enable the school to refund International Student Fees should that be necessary or in the unlikely event that the school may not be able to continue delivering tuition to the international student.  This ensures that the school retains sufficient funds to meet the requirement of any refund in these circumstances.

Termination of Tuition:
Tuition will terminate at the end of the period for which fees have been paid.

Tuition may also be terminated by the school if any of the following circumstances persist:

  • Failure to obey school rules
  • Poor and unacceptable behaviour
  • Failure to make satisfactory progress
  • Poor attendance
  • or, if the enrolment application is found to be false or misleading in any way.

International Students accepted for enrolment must be living with one or both of their parents or with a legal guardian.

  • Accommodation details will be recorded on the enrolment form
  • Parents/legal guardians must inform the school of any temporary or permanent changes to their family’s accommodation.
  • Should the student be found not to be living with a parent/legal guardian the school will notify the NZIS and the student permit may be revoked.

Students are expected to attend school every day that the school is open for instruction.  Ministry of Education attendance requirements apply to International Students.

Welfare and Pastoral Care:

  • The Principal will have overall responsibility for the pastoral care of International Students.
  • The E.S.O.L. teacher or class teacher will be the first point of contact for students with concerns.
  • The E.S.O.L teacher will monitor each student's welfare and progress during each school term.
  • If the School has a concern that an International Student is being, or is likely to be ill treated, harmed, abused or neglected, the Principal will notify CYFS or the New Zealand Police of the concern in accordance with the 'Breaking the Cycle' CYFS reporting protocol.
  • Ministry of Education welfare services are only available to International Students on a user pays basis.  Ministry of Education Advisors will be used as the first point of contact.
  • The following statements are provided in accordance with Ministry of Education Guidelines.

Eligibility for Health Services
Most International Students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand.  If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the full costs of that treatment.  Full details on entitlements to publicly funded health services are available through the Ministry of Health, and can be viewed on the web site

Accident Insurance
The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for

all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand, but you may still be liable for all other medical and related costs.  Further information can be viewed on the ACC web site at

Medical and Travel Insurance

  • International Students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand.
  • The student’s medical and travel insurance policy must be sighted at the time of enrolment.
  • If the policy has been taken out overseas an English translation of the policy must be provided.
  • Refer separate Medical and Travel Insurance Guidelines.
  • Contacts for local medical practitioners are available from the school office.

Students should address any complaint they have about the operation of the school or the service provided to either their class teacher or the E.S.O.L. teacher.

Complaints regarding breaches to the International Code of Practice should be made to the Principal.

A student may refer unresolved complaints to the International Education Appeal Authority (IEAA), whose procedures will be binding on all parties.

Code of Practice:
Macleans Primary School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Ministry of Education.  Copies of the Code are available on request from this institution or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website at

Compliance and Review:
Overall responsibility for the International Student Policy, implementation of the Guidelines to support the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students is delegated to the Principal subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.

Reviews of policies and procedures will be conducted to meet Ministry of Education requirements.  As a minimum a review of policies and supporting documentation will be undertaken by the Board of Trustees in Term 4 each year to ensure on-going compliance with the Code of Practice.

Information for International Students


Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand and while studying, and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand Immigration Service, and can be viewed on their web site.

Tuition Costs:

Click here for tuition fees 2024

Additional Costs
Macleans Primary School has a compulsory school uniform (details available in the School Prospectus).  This uniform can be purchased new from John Russell Menswear in Howick.  Some items can be purchased second hand from the school.

All children will need to purchase class stationery.  This is all available from the School Office. The cost per child will be approximately $50 per year.

Class Trips / Visits
From time to time class trips or visits will take place to support the curriculum.  Permission and payment will be requested from the parent/caregiver prior to the trip/visit.

All children are expected to have lunch at school each day.  They can either bring food from home or purchase food from the school.  The school operates a lunch scheme.  Children can purchase from the menu if they wish.

Orientation Programme & Support Services

  • Students will be placed, where possible, in a class with another student who speaks the same language.
  • The class teacher will be responsible for the initial orientation of the student.  Other pupils in the class will provide support during orientation.  Orientation will include explanation of the classroom and class programme, toilet and Health Room facilities, behavioural expectations before and after school, routines for interval and lunch and appropriate play areas.
  • The E.S.O.L. teacher will support this process by introducing the child to the key areas beyond the immediate classroom and incorporating conversational English in the E.S.O.L. programme.
  • Students will be provided with a copy of the NZ Road Code with relevant sections highlighted or LTSA fact sheet covering pedestrian, cycling and passenger safety.
  • The class teacher and E.S.O.L. teacher will share responsibility for the pastoral care of the student, provide advice and guidance and take appropriate action when issues of concern arise.
  • Where appropriate a speaker of the student’s native language will be used to translate when clarification is needed or issues of concern arise.  Non-English speaking parents and legal guardians will be encouraged to bring a translator to parent-teacher interviews.
  • Ministry of Education advisors will be called upon for guidance/support when access to first language counselling or cross cultural training for staff is required.

Course Content:
All students will study the New Zealand Curriculum which covers seven learning areas.

These are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • The Arts (Art, Music, Dance, Drama)
  • Health and Physical Education

Students are expected to attend school every day that the school is open for instruction.

If a student is unable to attend school on a particular day the school should be notified of this by 9.15 a.m.

If a student knows they are going to be away ahead of time, their parent/legal guardian must notify the school of their date of departure and return.

Parents or legal guardians, of children who fail to attend school will be contacted to explain irregular attendance or unexplained absences. Guidance and support will be offered to address any concerns related to the child’s attendance of school.  Ministry of Education requirements will be followed when unexplained absences continue.

If a student is to be withdrawn from the school prior to the completion of the course, the Principal must be notified of this in writing.  The school will then inform New Zealand Immigration Service that the child has withdrawn from the course.

Refund procedures will be followed if applicable.

The Education (Stand-down, Suspension, Exclusion and Expulsion) Rules 1999 apply to all International Students.

Medical & Travel Insurance:
All International Students must have appropriate medical and travel insurance.

Generally, students should have combined travel and medical insurance on one policy, but separate policies are permitted.

As part of our International Student enrolment procedures it is compulsory for this insurance policy to be sighted and approved during the enrolment process.  We must sight and approve this policy before the student can start school.

If the policy has been taken out overseas, we will require the student to provide us with an English translation of the policy.

The policy should:

  • Commence the minute the student leaves home for the airport on their way to New Zealand.
  • Apply while in transit
  • Apply while the student is in New Zealand
  • Cover the student for any trips to other countries during the period of study
  • Cover the student for any holidays back to their home country during the period of study.
  • The Insurer/Reinsurer is a reputable and established company with substantial experience in the Travel and Medical Insurance business and has a credit rating no lower than A from Standard and Poors, or B+ from A M Best.
  • The Insurer is able to provide emergency 24 hour, 7 day per week cover.

The requirements of this insurance are:

  • Unlimited sum insured
  • Medical benefits (Generally range from general practitioner visits and prescriptions through to major hospitalization (both public and private), optical cover and emergency dental cover -preferably with no excess)
  • Emergency evacuation/repatriation