Macleans Primary is committed to using technology to support 21st century learners and places a high priority on providing the school with Internet facilities and ICT devices/equipment which will benefit student learning outcomes using safe practices, and for the effective operation of the school.

BYODBYOD - Bring Your Own Device 

A student owned, internet-capable device will give your child instant access to unlimited resources and enable them to support, extend, communicate and share their learning in a way that will also prepare them for their future personal and working lives. 

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Macleans Primary will develop and maintain effective cybersafety practices which aim to maximise the benefits of the Internet and ICT devices/equipment to student learning and to the effective operation of the school, while minimising and managing any risks.

These cybersafety practices will aim to: 

  • Maintain a cybersafe school environment,
  • Address the needs of students and other members of the school community to receive education about the safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies

Safe Internet Practices:  

  • Macleans Primary School will endeavour to protect staff and students from any misuses or abuses as a result of accessing the Internet and electronic mail.  Macleans Primary will employ the use of NetSafe guidelines.
  • To provide learners with skills to become I.C.T. literate.  Students will be given guidelines to support their learning in a monitored environment.
  • Macleans Primary aims to increase students? ability to apply carefully considered safe choices when using the Internet. Students and staff are required to take responsibility for their own appropriate behaviour when using the Internet or electronic mail as they are representing the school.
  • Macleans Primary School staff and students will be expected to follow school guidelines and procedure when working online.

Individuals must have permission to use the school Internet facilities and school-owned/leased ICT devices/equipment:

Students and staff must sign the appropriate use agreement and return it to the school.

Use agreements also apply to the use of privately-owned/leased ICT devices/equipment, i on the school site, or at/for any school-related activity, regardless of its location. This includes off-site access to the school network from school or privately-owned/leased equipment.

Students will need to return a signed Internet agreement before being allowed supervised independent access to the Internet. This will be done upon enrolment.

Some video hosting sites are valuable resources but can give students access to inappropriate material. Students may only view video links (on site) with the permission of and in the presence of a teacher.

The school has the right to audit at anytime any material or equipment that is owned or leased by the school. The school may also request permission to audit privately owned ICT devices/equipment used on the school site or at any school related activity.

The safety of children is of paramount concern. Any apparent breach of cybersafety will be taken seriously.  

Additional information can also be found here.