Quick 60  

45 minute Reading/Writing Programme


The Quick 60 program is designed for those students starting school with few literacy skills and limited vocabulary. 

Each lesson provides for:  



*Vocabulary instruction and writing 

Each student has an exercise book to complete their work and share at home.


Testing Assessment Placement System

The testing is completed before the programme commences for those students and at the end of the 20 week course.

This provides you with all the tools you need to quickly assess your students and match them to the appropriate instructional material: alphabet test, spelling test, high frequency word test and pseudo (phonics) word decoding test.


The books are all factual with colourful photographs. This helps the children feel they are reading something more mature than what the text is. A new skill draws the attention to print and helps them spell. Each book has a lesson plan and colour coded assessment sheet. 



Each Quick 60 lesson has 7 components:

Quick quiz 

New word 

Quick read 

Quick check - comprehension 

Quick write 

New skill 

New book