Parent Information - Pupil Welfare

Arrival at School

  • 8.30 am classrooms open for children.
  • 8.55 am school day commences.
  • School staff accept responsibility for the supervision of children between 8.30 am and 3.15 pm

3pm Departure

  • Children must leave the school grounds promptly at 3 pm.
  • All children should be collected by 3.15 pm.
  • Children waiting for parents to collect them must wait at the front of the school. They are not allowed to play on the Adventure Playgrounds before leaving for home.

Notification of student absences

  • Parents are required to notify the school, by telephone, email, note, through the SkoolBag app, or oral message from another family member, by 9.15am that their child is going to be absent from school.
  • Should a child fail to arrive and the school has no knowledge of the child's whereabouts, the parents will be contacted by phone to ensure the child's safety.

Collecting/Returning Students during School Hours

  • Parents needing to remove their children from the school must arrange this through the school office.
  • Children returning to school during the school day must be signed in at the school office.

Health Room

  • Our office staff, who attend to minor injuries and ailments, have current First Aid certificates.
  • Should your child need medical attention or be too unwell to remain at school you will be contacted to collect them. Treatment for accidents at school is covered by A.C.C. or your own medical insurance.


  • The school keeps a record of children who require special and immediate attention in the case of insect stings or illness.  If you have a child who falls into this category the school should be notified so that the necessary safeguards can be taken.
  • Parents should ensure the school is regularly updated on medical requirements of their children.

Dental Services

  • Dental treatment is co-ordinated by Auckland Regional Dental Services (A.R.D.S) Phone 534-8732 or 533-5426 to make an appointment with the therapists.

Internet Safety

  • Pupils are required to have an Internet Agreement, signed by themselves and their parents, prior to being allowed access to the internet at school.
  • Cell phones should not be brought to school.
  • Please refer to this Cybersafety pamphlet.

Peer Mediators

  • Trained students mediators, in addition to staff members, are on duty in the playground at interval and lunchtime to assist the children in conflict resolution.

Bible in Schools

  • Trained and accredited voluntary teachers teach Christian education for 30 minutes each week for five weeks of each school term.
  • Parents are required to indicate at enrolment whether they wish their child to attend this programme.
  • Children who do not attend Bible will attend a values programme taught by the teaching staff.

Home/School Communication

  • Newsletters - distributed to each family every second Monday and available on the school website, and on our SkoolBag app.
  • Assembly - full school assembly is held fortnightly. Parents are welcome to attend.
  • Appointments - parents are welcome to make an appointment to discuss any matters concerning their child's welfare and learning.

Walking to and from school 

  • Children are encouraged to walk to and from school.
  • Families who live beyond walking distance are asked to drop their children off within walking distance of the school or carpool.

School Patrols/ Road Safety

  • The Gills Road and Wycherley Drive crossings are patrolled from 8.30 - 8.50am and 3.00 - 3.15pm each day for your child's protection.
  • All children and parents needing to cross either of these roads are required to use the designated crossings whenever they are patrolled.


  • Only Year 5 and 6 children, who have obtained permission to cycle from the Deputy Principal, may cycle to school.
  • Scooters and roller blades are not allowed to be brought to school.