Our School - Vision & Charter


















Learning to be

Responsible, Confident, Self-Managing, The Best I Can Be

  • We will foster a happy, supportive and safe environment that encourages the development of confident and responsible individuals.
  • We will guide and support children to work towards achieving their personal best in behaviour, effort, achievement and social relationships.

Learning to Learn

Literacy, Numeracy, Inquiry, Information Processing, Healthy Living, The Arts                               Click image to enlarge

  • We will provide quality teaching and learning programmes that enable children to learn how to learn and achieve personal excellence.
  • We will provide learning experiences, which build on children's past and current learning and life experience, preparing them to be lifelong learners.
  • We will foster learning through a partnership between home, school and the wider community.

Learning to Live Together

Relating to Others, Participating and Contributing, Celebrating Successes, Community Awareness

  • We will encourage in children a pride in their own culture and respect for the values and cultures of others.
  • We will provide all children with the opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation of Maori language, culture and New Zealand's bicultural heritage.
  • We will provide learning opportunities that foster children's awareness of the world around them and their place in it.

Tikanga Maori and Cultural Diversity

New Zealand’s Cultural Diversity at Macleans Primary School

Children at Macleans Primary School come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, representing up to thirty cultures in any one year.

Children identifying as Asian form the largest ethnic group, with New Zealand European and other European ethnicities forming the next largest cultural group. A small number of children identify as being part of Maori or Pacific Island descent.

Cultural diversity will be acknowledged and celebrated in the way children, staff and parents acknowledge and respect each other.

Learning experiences that enrich our students' knowledge and understanding of other cultures and our multicultural society will feature throughout the year.

Equality of opportunity will be provided for all children irrespective of their ethnicity. Specific Learning needs of all children (European, Maori, Pacific Island, Asian) will be catered for through classroom programmes, additional learning support and paraprofessional assistance.

The Unique Position of Maori Culture at Macleans Primary School

The unique position of Maori culture will be reflected in classroom programmes by incorporating aspects of Maori language and culture across the curriculum.

The school tikanga Maori programme will be foundational to teaching and learning programmes.

The achievement of Maori students will be monitored as part of the analysis of achievement data for all students and provision made to address disparities.

The Board of Trustees will give careful consideration to financial, personnel and property issues in determining if it is able to provide instruction in Maori language and culture for full-time students whose parents ask for it.